About us

About us

Solverlabs is a mobile game development studio based in the Middle of Europe, with main office in Kiev, Ukraine. Solverlab’s games are available for tablets and smartphones using Apple’s iOS, Android, Kindle, Mac, Windows and BlackBerry operating systems.

Solverlabs was founded in 2005 as an outsourcing software company. Since 2010 Solverlab's main company direction became mobile game development. Our first games were released on BlackBerry, and became very popular in a short time. A lot of our happy clients requested for more games and on more platforms. That’s why we decided to create amazing games that people will play alone or with friends for years from all over the world on their mobile! 

Today we are working on such world’s popular large game-projects as: World of Cubes, Texas Hold’em Poker Online, and  Hill Racing

We are proud to say that our games are popular, worldwide, innovative, social, online, with multiplayer and singleplayer, fresh, fun and cool for all ages and any culture! 

Don't hesitate - play Solverlab's games now!