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Play Texas Hold'em Poker Online - Holdem Poker Stars on Google Play

Hello everybody! Now you can play your favorite Texas Holdem Poker Online on Google Play!

Get TONS OF FREE CHIPS AND BONUSES: $5K in FREE chips for your first time playing plus $2K in FREE chips as DAILY bonuses! Win up to $150M in chips with FREE daily slots spin!

Add Friends to Buddy List! Update Planet of Cubes to v3.3.1 on Google Play!

Long awaited feature the possibility of adding your friends to Buddy/Friend List and communicate with them privately is now available in v3.3.1. Also you can TELEPORT to your friends in Survival Multiplayer Mode instantly!

New version of the game is currently available on Google Play, and very soon it will be released to other stores.

Additionally we have added new buttons to Survival Multiplayer Mode - "Player List" button. Now you can see the list of all players around you. And we have added  "Fight Mode Cooldown" button, now you can see the status of the battle mode.

Survival Multiplayer is live now on all platforms: Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon!

FINALLY: Long awaited SURVIVAL Multiplayer Mode is now available on all platforms: Apple Store and Amazon! Stay tuned for exciting upcoming updates. 

Let's play Survival Multiplayer Mode with Mobs! New v3.1 now available on Amazon!

Guys, great news! We have finally released new version 3.1 on Amazon Underground with Mobs, Food, Hunger, Farming, 3 new Block Texture Packs and much more! The game is great and very addictive for everyone! Please give us a feedback to this game version in the comments below! If you have suggestions to the game, please write them Here.

Download new update with v3.1 from Amazon Underground:

Planet of Cubes is live now on Mac Store!

Hey all! We have just released Planet of Cubes with v2.3 on Mac Store for the first time ever! Sounds cool, right? 

Game Description: 

Planet of Cubes is the first true MMO block building game with one global infinite world. 

Rent your own areas (CHUNKS) of this beautiful Planet made of cubes and start your creative joy today. Chat with other players globally when you build. 

Let's play World of Cubes on PC now!

Popular Online Multiplayer Block-Building Sandbox Game - World of Cubes with v2.5 - have been released on Windows Store for the first time ever! Let's play the game on our PC or windows mobile devices now! 

Planet of Cubes v2.3 [iOS Universal] - $0.99 -> FREE for the first time ever on iOS

Planet of Cubes with more then 10 million downloads on Google Play is finally becoming FREE on Apple App Store starting today! 
Explore Infinite Planet. Make new friends online. Team up with others and build virtually anything online from cubes! 

World of Cubes with new v2.5 now available on Apple App Store! Enjoy new 3d mobs textures and other hot features!

Good news, players!

We have finally released a new update of World of Cubes with v2.5 on Apple App Store! We have added new 3d mobs textures with 3 different models for every mob!

All new 3d models are cool, fresh, unique, cute! We hope you will love these new mobs models!

Also try every 4 Block Texture Packs while playing and choose your favorite one! Change Block Texture Packs directly inside the game via "Menu--Options--Texture Pack"!

The game gets better and better with each update! Now enjoy the game with better graphics and new 3d mobs models! 

Survival Multiplayer Mode is live now on Amazon for FREE!

Finally initial version of the Survival Multiplayer is live and is available only at Amazon App Store for the moment and only for US customers. 

Stay tuned for new updates and releases to other platforms in US and Globally.

Download the Game for FREE on Amazon Store now!