Add Friends to Buddy List! Update Planet of Cubes to v3.3.1 on Google Play!

Long awaited feature the possibility of adding your friends to Buddy/Friend List and communicate with them privately is now available in v3.3.1. Also you can TELEPORT to your friends in Survival Multiplayer Mode instantly!

New version of the game is currently available on Google Play, and very soon it will be released to other stores.

Additionally we have added new buttons to Survival Multiplayer Mode - "Player List" button. Now you can see the list of all players around you. And we have added  "Fight Mode Cooldown" button, now you can see the status of the battle mode.

We have added cool posibility to filter the global chat by language and country. Communicate and receive messages in the chat on the language you understand now!

Now you can throw eggs! Use this new feature! And don't forget that you can throw snowball, shoot from bow with arrows, explode TNT and brew potions to improve you gaming progress! 

Eat new food - Rabbit's Stew, Clown Fish, Salmon, Fish. Cook new potion - Water Breathing. 

We have improved mobs, and added AI improvements to the game! Check it out! 

We hope that you like the new update, and you will use all new features with pleasure! Add your Friends to Buddy List now! Make Clan! Have fun!


The guide how to add Friends to Buddy List will be added soon!