Let's play Survival Multiplayer Mode with Mobs! New v3.1 now available on Amazon!

Guys, great news! We have finally released new version 3.1 on Amazon Underground with Mobs, Food, Hunger, Farming, 3 new Block Texture Packs and much more! The game is great and very addictive for everyone! Please give us a feedback to this game version in the comments below! If you have suggestions to the game, please write them Here.

Download new update with v3.1 from Amazon Underground: https://goo.gl/fWwep1

Here is a full list of new features: 

- Added various MOBS in Survival Multiplayer mode (Chicken, Cow, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Spider, Zombie) with variety of textures and animations
- Added new food recipes (Bread, Melon, Mushroom Stew, Sugar, Pumpkin Pie)
- Added Food, Hunger and Regenerating player features
- Spawn zone is now highlighted with transparent texture. You can now easily see Spawn Zone boundaries
- Added 3 new block texture packs: Modern, Technology and Tron. Select your favorite texture pack from the Options
- Added New Armor. You can now craft leather armor after you get leather from certain mobs
- Added Farming
- Added the possibility of using Hoe for farming
- Added Pumpkin and Melon Seeds
- Added Texture Pack Highlight
- Added death messages in chat, Fixed chat resize
- New recipes and blocks added Furnace and Workbench
- Added new blocks and crafting recipes (Jack ' O' Lantern, Cobblestone Walls, Coarse Dirt, Gold Nugget, Glow Stone, Leather)
- Added flowing water and lava. Added Empty Bucket and Cauldron to use it!
- Corrected the size of Weapons, and blocks
- Improved fight mode
- Improved multiplayer performance
- Fixed bug with Trapdoor
- Fixed connection logic, and loading process
- Fixed logic of using blocks, and their graphics
- Fixed inventory bugs
- Fixed Chunk Rent mini map
- Fixed bugs with rendering
- Fixed bug with incorrect FOV in creative mode
- Fixed sounds playback
- Fixed player's and mob's highlighter
- Localization update


Download new update with v3.1 from Amazon Underground: https://goo.gl/fWwep1