Let's Run and Shoot now! Download Canyon Hunter!

Hey all! We have updated and improved our popular runner and shooter game - Canyon Hunter! If you feel bored or need to kill the time - Canyon Hunter is the best choice to do it! You can download premium version of the game for your android devices from Amazon!

Run through the endless canyons and caves and shoot Zombies, Werewolves, Orcas and Bats using 4 kind of different weapons: Machete, Revolver, Shotgun and … Grenade Launcher! Wow!
The game is inspired by best known endless runners and 3D shooting games.

Swipe to jump and slide. Drug to strafe and avoid obstacles such as rolling stones, pitfalls, holes and wooden timbers. Collect Crystals and choose your path between caves and canyons.

Tap to shoot. Aim zombie head to bring it down with one Revolver shot! Explore different worlds, canyon and hidden caves!

• perfect mix of endless 3D runner and 3D shooter
• built-in Tutorial
• first person shooting
• intuitive swipe, drug and touch controls
• endless game play
• 4 types of weapon with different characteristics
• total mayhem for the attacking monsters with Grenade Launcher!

Watch promo video to v2.0 below or on YouTube here: https://goo.gl/fTjCgy

The main difference between free and premium versions of the game are: premium verison of the game is without ads, and you can get as many rubies as you want! All in-app purchases are free every 5 minutes! Sounds good ringht?! Download the game and let's run and shoot now!