The River Tests - IQ Logic Puzzles & Brain Games

The River Tests - IQ Logic Puzzles & Brain Games

Fun River Crossing IQ Puzzle & Logic Riddles! River Cross Brain Game for Free!

The River Tests is a great collection of river crossing puzzles and fun IQ logic brain tests.

Each level is a separate IQ test that will take your logical thinking to its limits. Do you think you’ve got what it takes? Do you think that you’re the one of 10% who can figure out these riddles? Give it a try, test your IQ skills to see if you’re a smart one.


Every level of The River Tests has detailed instructions, which describe set of rules for all games.
Please read rules carefully before playing these logic puzzles:
- The Farmer
- Three Soldiers
- Four Adventurers
- Three Jealous Husbands
- Three Thieves
- Five Sons
- Four Jealous Husbands
- The Family

Your ultimate goal in every iq test is to have all characters crossing river following certain rules and restrictions. The fewer moves you use the better. The less time it takes you to solve each logic games the better.

This brain game is used frequently in job interviews and in schools to boost IQ level, math problem solving skills.

Good luck in river crossing for free!

• 8 unique river crossing puzzles
• Solutions for all river puzzles included!
• More logic puzzles coming soon
• In-game tips and alerts to help user get started with controls, character selections
• Quick access to rules
• Build-in checks to ensure you follow rules
• No internet connection required