Survival Multiplayer is live now on all platforms: Google Play, Apple Store and Amazon!

FINALLY: Long awaited SURVIVAL Multiplayer Mode is now available on all platforms: Apple Store and Amazon! Stay tuned for exciting upcoming updates. 

Find resources like cobblestone, wood, sand and different types of ore. Dig and collect various blocks. Craft various tools like pickaxes, hoes and axes to help you progress faster. Craft and use Furnace to create new blocks and items like glass or iron.

Build your shelter during the day. Watch out hostile mobs like Zombies and Spiders during the night!

Use online chat to make new friends, build online together and protect your creations against hostile players. Craft weapon and armor and arm yourself to survive in battles with others.

Explore infinite Planet in search for rare resources like gold and diamonds. Use Portals to quickly teleport to nearby villages for new resources or just walk to them by foot. 

The list of new features from v3.1:
- Survive on the infinite Planet made of villages and realms
- Protect your creations by fighting with hostile players
- Unlimited players worldwide to survive together
- Use online chat to make new friends and survive together! 
- Added mobs in Survival Multiplayer mode (Chicken, Cow, Pig, Rabbit, Sheep, Spider, Zombie) with variety of textures and animations
- Watch out hostile mobs (Zombie, Spider)
- Added Food, Hunger and Regenerating player features
- Added variety of food recipes (Bread, Melon, Mushroom Stew, Sugar, Pumpkin Pie)
- Mine resources. Find diamonds and gold. 
- Craft tools, weapon, armor to protect from aggressive mobs and hostile players
- Added New Armor. You can now craft leather armor after you get leather from certain mobs
- Ability to craft and use Furnace to produce more advanced blocks like glass or iron
- Use Portals between nearby realms to find more resources
- Added “Field of View” setting for easier combat during fighting with other players
- Added 3 new block texture packs: Modern, Technology and Tron. Select your favorite texture pack from the Options
- Added death messages in chat, Fixed chat resize
- New recipes and blocks added Furnace and Workbench
- Added flowing water and lava. Added Empty Bucket and Cauldron to use it!
- Corrected the size of Weapons, and blocks
- Improved fight mode
- Improved multiplayer performance
- Fixed bug with Trapdoor
- Fixed connection logic, and loading process
- Fixed logic of using blocks, and their graphics
- Fixed inventory bugs
- Fixed Chunk Rent mini map
- Fixed bugs with rendering
- Fixed bug with incorrect FOV in creative mode
- Fixed sounds playback
- Fixed player’s and mob’s highlighter
- Localization update

Watch Promo Video to v3.1 below


                                                         Download the game now!