Planet of Cubes with v.1.6 now available on Apple and Amazon!

Dear gamers,

Our world's popular mmo block building game - Planet of Cubes - updated to v.1.6 on Apple and Amazon! To the new update we have added 7 new skin packs: Cartoon, Comics, Futuristic, Medieval, Monsters, Sport and Misc! All skins are unique and very nice! We are hoping that you like all new skins!  

Also in v.1.6 you will find a Game Store, where actually you can get new skin packs for coins. Everyday you will get FREE daily coins for playing the game and for log in with a facebook to the game. Use coins to get new skins and other features that will be added in the next updates! 

Enjoy update, and remember that Survival Multiplayer is coming!

Screenshots to v.1.6

Download Planet of Cubes with v.1.6 on Apple here:
Download Planet of Cubes with v.1.6 on Amazon here: